33 premium lager

Born from the heart of rock and roll, our beer has evolved to embody the spirit of creativity and craftsmanship.

about our product

Discover 33 Premium Lager, meticulously crafted with three distinct malt cultivars and three unique hops varietals, giving rise to its exceptional taste and character. Our careful selection of malts produces the rich, malty flavour synonymous with craft beer, complemented by its distinct golden hue.

Meanwhile, the blend of three hops varietals imparts a delightful fruity taste with a balanced bitterness that dissipates gracefully. Free from additives, preservatives, and pasteurization, our beer offers the purest quality and flavor imaginable. Experience the essence of true craftsmanship in every sip.

crafting great brews

we are proud to have been awarded:

  • Gold in the Aurora International Taste Challenge 2022
  • Gold in the Aurora International Taste Challenge 2023
  • Affiliations with Craft Brewers Association Of South Africa
  • Affiliation with Ultimate Pretoria Bucket List



Founder, Microbiologist & Agronomist

brand evolution & innovation

Apart from our lager, we experiment with various seasonal beer styles in small batches and upon request from customers. We enjoy innovation with the inclusion of natural ingredients such as ginger, rooibos and berries in specific beer styles. We envisage to upscale some of these styles in the future to continue building great customer experiences.

brewing tale

Born from a deep-seated passion for agriculture and agro-processing, KRAFFT FAKTORIE (Pty) Ltd was founded in 2018 to consolidate our farming and brewing businesses under one umbrella.

The name KRAFFT FAKTORIE draws inspiration from the industrial revolution when people’s craft and artisan skills transitioned to industrial manufacturing processes, like how we up scaled our craft businesses to commercial level.